Ratna’s Flying Saucer Unicorn 3 in 1 Indoor & Outdoor Toy Can Be Played as Space Rocket, Sliding Wall & Spinning TOP for Kids


Price: ₹195.00
(as of Apr 22,2024 03:30:15 UTC – Details)

  • It's important for the toy to be made of durable materials and have safety features to ensure a positive play experience. Parents can feel confident that their children are playing with a high-quality toy that meets safety standards.
  • The Flying Saucer Unicorn 3 in1 Indoor & Outdoor Toy offers a combination of fun, creativity, and physical activity, making it an appealing choice for kids who love imaginative play and exploration.

The toy has two fan-shaped wheels, at a time one can be positioned on the top of the flying rotor machine. These wheels are designed to rotate rapidly when the toy is in motion, creating a visually captivating effect.
The central component of the unicorn flying saucer is the flying rotor machine. It contains a mechanism that converts the energy from pulling the silicone string into rotational energy, which in turn powers the spinning motion of the fan-shaped wheels.
Spinning Top: Fix the Saucer to the Shooter & Place Facing Downward On the Floor. Hold It Firmly & Pull Trigger With Energy. The Wheel Will Rotate Like the Top.
Contents: 1 Flying Launcher & 4 Flying Saucers.